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Best Anemone for 29 Gallon Biocube?

englunkmenglunkm Posts: 2
edited October 2011 in Nano Tanks
I have a 29 gallon biocube that is currently cycling. I eventually want to get an anemone that will host a pair of black ocellaris clownfish. I understand they often move around in the tank and that they can be difficult to care for. I was just curious as to what the best anemone will be for the set up I currently have (I attached a picture to this thread).

Also, I currently have the stock lighting but I'm looking to upgrade to the 20" SunPod 1x250W 14k HQI Fixture. For the time being, will the stock lighting on the oceanic biocube be sufficient for an anemone? I also have just one powerhead in the tank and was wondering if it looks like another would be beneficial with my aquascape. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
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